Dottie's Cottage

Dottie's Cottage could not be more different from Melrose Villa but it has a very firm place in my heart because it too was made with love. The love this time was of a father for his small daughter. Built roughly fifty years ago it was made to look like, for then, an ultra modern split level house. It was fully furnished in the style of the day and the little girl, whose name was Vicky, played with it for many years.

When Vicky grew up and left home she took her house with her and kept it carefully but no longer played with it. Some years along the line we met and became good friends. Because I loved dolls houses I learned all about hers and the sentimental value it held for her.

More years rolled by and Vicky moved house again. This time she was unable, for space reasons, to take her house with her. She asked me if I would have it and very generously said I could do with it as I wished.

The only alteration I made was to the front of the house. DH replaced it with a 1930s look. The back and inside have not been touched. The garden has been added by us.

The present occupant is Dottie who loves all creatures and cares little for material things - hence the rather odd assortment of furniture. Many of them were "good enough for her parents and are, therefore, good enough for her"!! She never wants to leave her cottage.


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