Dottie's Cottage Garden Photos

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When Dottie moved into her cottage she had every intention of creating a beautiful garden. This immediately conflicted with her love of animals and only two flowerbeds were finished before "out of the blue" Hermione Goat arrived looking for a home.
No sooner was she settled in then along wandered Dimitri Donkey.

Co-incidentally, at roughly the same time the local police arrested a loitering ne'er do well whose only possessions appeared to be two pieces of rope - both of which had been chewed through by creature or creatures unknown.

Meanwhile, back in the garden Dottie looked at her two new friends and said "I shall call you Her 'n Dim!!"


Her is busy eating the flower bed and in the foreground we have an overflowing dustbin, the bath tub and water pump. The gate is the third one in a short space of time. They keep getting eaten and Dottie is mystified. Dim isn't saying anything.................





This aeriel view of the garden is the result of Dottie winning first prize in the Guess the Weight of the Vicar competition at the Village Fete. Yes, a Balloon Trip.
The excitement was mounting as Dottie climbed in and waited for take off. There was a good chance they would fly over her garden - Dottie had got her camera at the ready................. Success!
By leaning precariously over the edge of the balloon as it slowly floated by the other creatures in her garden are captured on film. Two rabbits, a cat and a lamb.

Even when the Flight Controller told Dottie she was banned from any further trips due to unacceptable behaviour she just grinned cheerily and said she 'didn't want another one anyway!!'



Water pump and tin bath conveniently close to back door and privy.




Privy and shed.