Dottie's Garden
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The garden is no longer pretty but to the animals is it a lovely place to be. A winter stable/shelter has been obtained
which provides a lot of warmth but is very badly kept.

The animals are wearing brand new winter coats which Dottie splashed out on in anticipation of her inheritance.She bought these at Animodes.

The shop is owned by the
local vet and is run by his wife Amelia.



This picture clearly shows,yet again, the dreadful mess in the shelter and the once lovely flowers beds in tatters.

In the foreground is Gertie

Dottie's pantaloons add a homely touch!







Oh dear! Foxy has arrived and no one seems to have noticed. Little rabbit and
mother hen are vulnerable.




Thank goodness! Dottie was on hand to rush out yelling and banging saucepan lids together .

Mother hen flew high and landed in the sink. - Foxy
bolted who knows where.

The chicks.... well they were fine :-)




Water pump and tin bath conveniently close to back door and privy.

Privy and shed.

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