The house is the usual 1/12th scale. The main carcass is built in 6mm m.d.f. (medium density fibreboard) though there is a basic spine of 12mm. The house has an internal corridor. If this were to be permanently positioned it would be impossible to decorate or clean. I therefore left a slot in the middle of the house and the corridor is a one sided box which slides out when the roof is removed.

The roof is a removeable unit of a softwood base and frame covered in plywood which again is covered in slates of painted veneer

The wiring consists of thin electrical wires distributing the power within the roof but in the house it is the usual copper tape. All joints are soldered. All rooms are wired for power (above the skirting boards) and lights. The major rooms are also wired for wall lights. All rooms are individually wired with the switches contained in a sliding drawer contained in an area of roof void.

I bought all the doors but made the skirting boards, picture rails and cornices using a router set up as a miniature spindle moulder. The stairs are mainly scratch built but the spindles are bought in. The back windows were bought in but the front were made. Each glass pane is individually glazed so that the relflection is more realistic than the bland look of a single sheet in one frame. Front windows are all sliding sashes and work by friction.

The guttering was supplied by JSM Miniatures in Harrowgate, Yorkshire.UK and gives a realistic look to the eaves. The balcony ironwork was made specially by The Ironworks of Stafford. UK The outside is painted in Beige Sandtex.