Starting a Dolls House Club

Once my dolls house was up and running I realized just how interested I had become in this hobby and wondered how I could meet more like minded folk.

A little publicity seemed a good idea and where better to begin than the local press. Luckily they were interested and sent along a reporter and photographer. They gave me a really good two page spread which included the fact that I would like to start a club.

One lady rang up who was most enthusiastic and she set about finding an inexpensive venue for meetings (if we got that far) The following day I met a lovely couple in a miniatures shop. Would you believe they were most interested and the gentleman was a truly skilled woodworker. They said they would come to a meeting.

About a week later a meeting was arranged at my home and there were ten of us. From there it grew and now the club meets once a month and has grown to a regular 25 members. Trips are organised. All sorts of furniture has been made and mini people and teddies. Christmas is always given over to a party.

From small beginnings, a lot of luck and a dolls house have come lasting friendships and a great deal of enjoyment.